Notes from GNOME Asia Summit 2019

It’s been my sixth GNOME Asia Summit that I attend. My first time was in Beijing, at Beihang University. Then every year I help to organize and collaborate with local organizer. I only skipped not attending when it was in Chongqing.

After last year, me and Sammy Fung become Leader/Co-Leader of Asia Committee. Asia Committee is not formal department or suborganization in GNOME Foundation. It contained few people who active at promoting GNOME in Asia. Mostly from people who become local organizer and people who always attend in several years. And personally I knew and meet them in few conference. Probably I will ask board to make this Asia Committee to become formal one.

This conference held in Gresik City, East Java. This city is supporting city for Surabaya (capital of East Java province). It’s small city with growing community right now. One of community is Gresik Dev who become local organizer. FOSS generaly and GNOME in specialy is not recognized by common people. This point of view that lead me to ask Gresik Dev to promoting FOSS and GNOME. Local organizer contain Gresik Dev Community and student from UISI and UMG (both of them the most popural university in Gresik).

This conference, I helping local organizer as steering committee (consultant). One of my reason to proactive in this event is I was born in this city near four decades ago. Probably they see me as dictator because I wanna make this conference as good as possible with limited resource.

I’m driving my car to go to Gresik City. It’s near 800 km from Bogor (city which I live). I arrived on Wednesday afternoon. In Thursday I helping to pickup few speaker from airport. One of my duty is to manage transportation for foreigner from airport to hotel, hotel to venue, vice versa. Since also me that know most of foreigner speaker. So on Friday my duty is become driver and introduce several speaker to each other.

Friday is workshop day, mostly I spent my time to chit chat with all speaker that already arrive and introduce to each other, also make sure tomorrow everything is going well. In this day, I know theres few newcomers that also become speaker. Mostly they got nervous because first time experience. So little bit lack on preparing and predicting the audience. At night we have welcome party and I have long talk with Gaurav and Andre Klapper.

Saturday is first day of conference. I see many participant that not familiar with GNOME but they willing to join this conference. Also I realized that long time bonded friends who often going to GNOME Asia Summit is me, Bin Li and Andre Klapper. English is become little bit problem because this not native language. But the master of ceremony is doing their job amazingly. The person who in charge of slide and projector need to use GNOME and Linux more often. 🙂

Goodiebag and it’s content. Photos taken by Neil

This first day, me and several friends who able to understand Pegon ( planning to have BoF to make this characters working in GNOME/Linux. You can join at

Sunday, I meet best friends from Tatalogam Company who become one of sponsor, also they have keynote. I also have keynote at the end of event. Also we have nice dramatic and funny closing. Many doorprize given to participant. I see many participant enjoy the conference and have selfie/wefie at photo’s booth for uploading to their instagram. It’s also good for marketing.

Anyway, big applause  to desaign team who manage everything that need design/art. And good job for local organizer. Thank you to all speaker that spent time joining this conference and share your knowledge. Thank you to all participant for attending and help promoting GNOME. Big thanks to GNOME Foundation who sponsored my travel!

From closing this conference, it’s meaning I’m become Leader of Asia Committee because Sammy Fung stepdown for personal matters. Any one willing to help me?

See you at Next GNOME Asia Summit 2020!

GNOME Friends


GNOME Asia Summit 2018 – Taipei, Taiwan

GNOME Asia Summit 2018 this time happen in Taipei – Taiwan, at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, August 11 – 12, 2018. This summit is co-host between openSUSE Asia Summit and COSCUP, so the summit title is COSCUP 2018 x openSUSE Asia Summit 2018 x GNOME Asia Summit 2018.

I arrived at Taipei at Thursday – August 9. Franklin Weng from LibreOffice Taiwan pickup me at airport and go stright to A+A Workshop. A+A Workshop was place that FOSS Community from Taiwan used for meetup every Thursday. Franklin introduce me to others. Then go to First Hostel to meet other friends from Indonesia who also attend this conference. Most of them from openSUSE Indonesia.

#0 day

On Friday, me and others have free time. We go to Taipei Grand Mosque to Jum’ah (Friday) Praying, then I meet my High School Friends who live in Taipei. Then I go to Microfocus office to meet other Indonesian and openSUSE Community. At night, have dinner with LibreOffice Community around Asia, LibreOffice Taiwan (Franklin Weng) paid for our food.

Then we go to welcome party for speaker and staff. My role for this event was part of international staff, so I have invitation for this with others. It’s good time to see each others and good night few. Few openSUSE and SUSE member discuss with me about potential held openSUSE Asia Summit and GNOME Asia Summit together next year.

Taipei 101 from roof top

#1 day

This summit was very crowd comparing to COSCUP 2016 (I became speaker at that time). On first day attended by 1364 participant and on second day attended by 784 participant. It has 15 parallel classes. Few of them are in English, especially from openSUSE and GNOME.

In this summit, I help to manage coordinating for web content, design, and also material design such as logo. Many friends from Taiwan and Indonesia contribute in this. I’m not become speaker this time, but I bring few students and they become speaker.

Empty Class

On first day, I’m joining Benjamin Berg class, he’s talking about “Supporting Miracast on the GNOME Desktop” which is very interesting for me comparing to others. Then “Desktop applications: life inside a sandbox” by David King then The Year of the GNOME by Nuritzi Sanchez. I spent few hours for discussion with other participant. Sharing mine and their activity about contributing to FOSS. And also I try to find praying room, and found it next conference building. So comfortable. The organizer also give me food that compatible with Halal Food, and I see Sobha and her student got vegetarian food. It’s prepared well.

At evening, we have official two official BoF (openSUSE and GNOME) and one unofficial BoF (LibreOffice). I was realy confuse which one that I must join. But I made decission, because I bring 3 students that contribute in LibreOffice this year, so I will help them to join LibreOffice BoF. Before we go, I told Kukuh to join openSUSE BoF (because he’s President of openSUSE Indonesia Community, but also GNOME Foundation Member), Estu and Siska join GNOME BoF (both of them also GNOME Foundation Member). But suddenly, Siska joining LibreOffice BoF.

In this BoF, we share experience between each person about contributing LibreOffice with different ways each of us. And also we have food here. This is my first time eat Sushi. 😀

Delicious or not?

#2 day

I was late going to venue, I’m not joining for keynote speaker session and directly going to class at break time. Starting my day with Bin Li’s class talking about Flatpak vs Snap. The class in Chinese but slide in English, still understanable for me. Then go to Iwan’s class which talking about Using Inkscape do Design Shoes.

After lunch I joining two Kukuh’s class, first about GNOME Recipes & Local Wisdom then openSUSE Leap & Flatpak.

Dinner at #2 day

In evening I invited by COSCUP to join dinner together other Indonesian going to Ximending to buy some souvenir. I was the same table with Max Huang, Ines, Sunny, Edwin Zakaria, Kukuh, Estu, Fuminobu Takeyama, Naruhiko Ogasawara, and Syuta Hashimoto. The food is good and many COSCUP staff here so we have lot of chat each others. They also prepare Muslim compatible food and also vegetarian food. Sunny help us to tell wich one that contain pork.

Sushi, Again!

#3 Day

This is last day of the event, I joining one day tour for speaker. Going to National Palace Meuseum and Taipei 101. I’m not excited because I’ve been here. NPM for second time and Taipei 101 for third time. But having together with other are good for me.

At Evening, Franklin and Eric invite all Indonesian to have dinner (again). IMHO, this is the best food that I have when visiting Taiwan this time.

Everybody Looks Tired


  1. I’m GNOME Foundation Member and The Document Foundation Member, also from openSUSE Indonesia Community. Because of this, I have many chance to have chat with others.
  2. There’s no GNOME Exhibition Booth this time
  3. I help 3 students going to this conference, they never going abroad. I hope after this they can share their experience to others to increase contributor in Indonesia
  4. I have meeting on second day with Max, Emily, Sammy and Haggen. Max stepdown from GNOME Asia Committee. Both Max and Emily handle lead GNOME Asia for decade. Now it’s me and Sammy.

Thanks to Max Huang and COSCUP Teams, also thanks to Franklin Weng and Eric Sun!


GNOME yang Jelek atau Akhlak Kalian yang Buruk?

GNOME 3.28 beberapa waktu lalu baru rilis, cukup memancing banyak komentar. Tanggal 26 April kemarin, Ubuntu 18.04 meluncur dengan menyertakan GNOME 3.28 sebagai Desktop Environment baku. Unity sudah tidak dipergunakan lagi, mungkin tim Ubuntu sudah lelah.

Berawal dari move on-nya si Ubuntu, banyak penggemarnya kecewa, dan merasa GNOME itu jelek, tanpa bisa menunjukkan kejelekannya. Mari kita mundur beberapa waktu lalu.


Awal muncul GNOME 3, saya termasuk orang yang tidak suka, antar mukanya aneh. Lebih nyaman dan sederhana GNOME 2. Saya yang saat itu masuk di tim pengembang BlankOn, bersama rekan-rekan membedah kejelekannya sehingga muncullah bibit-bibit pemberontakan dengan dimulainya BlankOn Panel yang berujung pada Manokwari.

Manokwari sendiri perlu dibuat karena kedepannya, semua pustaka GNOME 2 akan ditinggalkan dan beralih ke GNOME 3. Tapi saya dan teman-teman tidak siap untuk sepenuhnya menggunakan GNOME 3 karena beberapa kejelekannya.

2014, saat GNOME Asia di Beijing, saya ngomong sendiri bahwa GNOME jelek ke pimpinan desainer UI/UX, Allan Day, dan berujunglah diskusi panjang. Saya pasti kalah sama mereka dalam hal penjelasan, saya cupunya minta ampun. Tapi saya menang dengan menceritakan bahwa GNOME 3 membutuhkan sumber daya komputer cukup besar (misal RAM 1 GB) di mana masyarakat Indonesia tidak banyak yang bisa memenuhinya. Sedangkan Manokwari, bisa bekerja (waktu itu) pada RAM 256 MB. Toh Manokwari masih menggunakan pustaka GNOME.

Sekitar 2011, Ubuntu merilis Unity, banyak yang komplain dan gak nyaman. Pindah ke KDE juga takut gengsinya turun lantara KDE di masa itu (sampai masa kini sih) mirip MS Windows dan banyak kutu (sekarang udah jauh mendingan).

Kita terbiasa ngedumel dan menjelek-jelekkan tanpa bisa menunjukkan apa yang bisa dilakukan untuk memperbagus hal tersebut. Mental kita lebih banyak sebagai pencela dari pada penebar “Rahmatan Lil Alamin”.

Saya dulu, mantab pindah ke GNOME 3.x saat memiliki layar dengan resolusi di atas FHD (3K) dan layar sentuh. Banyak perabotan GNOME bisa berfungsi dengan baik, seperti:

  • di Yoga 3 Pro, di layar ada logo jendela, saat disentuh, akan bisa menampilkan Activities. Pada DE lain tidak bisa
  • di layar sentuh, on screen keyboard sangat mudah tampil saat kita merasa memerlukannya (atau pada tablet mode). Tentunya hal ini tidak terjadi jika komputer kalian masih konvensional.

Jadi, sebelum mencela GNOME, lebih baik kopdar, ngopi-ngopi dulu dengan teman-teman komunitas GNOME. Saya traktir!

Catatan: saya belum nemu orang komplain dengan DE-nya Endless OS. Kalau komplain terkait tidak bisa booting dan sampai mencela saya tidak beretika sih ada.

Journey to The West (GNOME Asia Summit 2016) – Delhi, India

This is third time GNOME Asia Summit that I attended. My contribution in this summit as Asia Committee. I help everything that I can, such as:

  1. getting sponsor
  2. designing web (Asep, Piko and Kukuh also help on this)
  3.  designing posters (Kukuh and Aris also help on this)
  4. coordinating with other Asia Committee, GNOME Board and Local Committee
  5. hand carry FANS Shoes (sponsor) from Jakarta to Delhi

I was excited actually when this year summit happen in India, it’s because Indonesia has similar culture with India and it’s common that Indonesia people watch Bollywood movie (my father still love Bollywood movie, but me, only Shakhrukh Khan and some others).

Personally, I also dreamed to visiting few historical place. I’ve been on Great Wall of China when attended GNOME Asia Summit 2016 in Beijing. And this year, we have Taj Mahal.

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