Notes from GNOME Asia Summit 2019

It’s been my sixth GNOME Asia Summit that I attend. My first time was in Beijing, at Beihang University. Then every year I help to organize and collaborate with local organizer. I only skipped not attending when it was in Chongqing.

After last year, me and Sammy Fung become Leader/Co-Leader of Asia Committee. Asia Committee is not formal department or suborganization in GNOME Foundation. It contained few people who active at promoting GNOME in Asia. Mostly from people who become local organizer and people who always attend in several years. And personally I knew and meet them in few conference. Probably I will ask board to make this Asia Committee to become formal one.

This conference held in Gresik City, East Java. This city is supporting city for Surabaya (capital of East Java province). It’s small city with growing community right now. One of community is Gresik Dev who become local organizer. FOSS generaly and GNOME in specialy is not recognized by common people. This point of view that lead me to ask Gresik Dev to promoting FOSS and GNOME. Local organizer contain Gresik Dev Community and student from UISI and UMG (both of them the most popural university in Gresik).

This conference, I helping local organizer as steering committee (consultant). One of my reason to proactive in this event is I was born in this city near four decades ago. Probably they see me as dictator because I wanna make this conference as good as possible with limited resource.

I’m driving my car to go to Gresik City. It’s near 800 km from Bogor (city which I live). I arrived on Wednesday afternoon. In Thursday I helping to pickup few speaker from airport. One of my duty is to manage transportation for foreigner from airport to hotel, hotel to venue, vice versa. Since also me that know most of foreigner speaker. So on Friday my duty is become driver and introduce several speaker to each other.

Friday is workshop day, mostly I spent my time to chit chat with all speaker that already arrive and introduce to each other, also make sure tomorrow everything is going well. In this day, I know theres few newcomers that also become speaker. Mostly they got nervous because first time experience. So little bit lack on preparing and predicting the audience. At night we have welcome party and I have long talk with Gaurav and Andre Klapper.

Saturday is first day of conference. I see many participant that not familiar with GNOME but they willing to join this conference. Also I realized that long time bonded friends who often going to GNOME Asia Summit is me, Bin Li and Andre Klapper. English is become little bit problem because this not native language. But the master of ceremony is doing their job amazingly. The person who in charge of slide and projector need to use GNOME and Linux more often. 🙂

Goodiebag and it’s content. Photos taken by Neil

This first day, me and several friends who able to understand Pegon ( planning to have BoF to make this characters working in GNOME/Linux. You can join at

Sunday, I meet best friends from Tatalogam Company who become one of sponsor, also they have keynote. I also have keynote at the end of event. Also we have nice dramatic and funny closing. Many doorprize given to participant. I see many participant enjoy the conference and have selfie/wefie at photo’s booth for uploading to their instagram. It’s also good for marketing.

Anyway, big applause  to desaign team who manage everything that need design/art. And good job for local organizer. Thank you to all speaker that spent time joining this conference and share your knowledge. Thank you to all participant for attending and help promoting GNOME. Big thanks to GNOME Foundation who sponsored my travel!

From closing this conference, it’s meaning I’m become Leader of Asia Committee because Sammy Fung stepdown for personal matters. Any one willing to help me?

See you at Next GNOME Asia Summit 2020!

GNOME Friends


Journey to The Land of The Rising Sun

Shibuya Crossing

Japan is one of few countries that I want to visit before end of the world. I have a chance to visit Japan many times but canceled it because of several reason. This time, I have chance to visit Japan because LibreOffice Asia Conference. It’s first time Asia conference and also my first time in Japan.

Flight and Arrived

My flight to Japan was at May 23, 2019. At that time, it’s still in Ramadan ( It’s my first time to visiting another country during Ramadan. Fasting along the flight gave me more experience. You can imagine when flight crew spread the meals to all passengers and they open the meals, the smell can blow up your mind. Probably that’s part of feeling of poor people that difficult to have food got smell from our food.

I’m lucky that Singapore Airlines crew treat me well when time to Iftar ( Arrived at Hostel near Kamata Station about 23.00, I feel the weather of Japan is good enough for me. I was amazed by several thing at the first day.

Day -1 of Conference

One of my reason going to Japan except for the conference, to buy Japanese guitar. Many stories about how good quality of Japanese guitar spread among musician. First trip starting go to Shibuya, found famous Hachiko statue and Shibuya crossing, then straight go to Ishibashi Music Store to sight seeing lot of guitars there. But can’t find which on is suitable for me, according to style, model and price.

Ishibashi Music Store
Ishibashi Music Store

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Konferensi LibreOffice Asia yang Pertama Kali

Merujuk pada pemberitaan di tentang acara Konferensi LibreOffice Asia yang pertama kali, berikut terjemahan dari media rilis tersebut:


Konferensi LibreOffice Asia yang pertama kali akan diadakan pada 25-26 Mei 2019 di Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Jepang

Ini adalah konferensi LibreOffice yang pertama menjangkau Asia, area yang memiliki pertumbuhan perangkat lunak berbasis FOSS yang sangat pesat.

Berlin, 18 Februari 2019 – Setelah kesuksesan besar Konferensi LibreOffice Indonesia pada tahun 2018, para anggota dari komunitas Asia memutuskan untuk mengangkat isu ini di 2019 dengan Konferensi LibreOffice Asia yang pertama kali di Nihonbashi – pusat kota Tokyo, Jepang – pada 25-26 Mei 2019.

Sebagai salah satu penyelenggara, Naruhiko Ogasawara, anggota dari komunitas LibreOffice Jepang dan The Document Foundation, tidak bisa menyembunyikan kegembiraannya. “Saat kami mengadakan LibreOffice Mini Conference Japan 2013 sebagai acara lokal, kami hanya sedikit mengetahui tentang komunitas-komunitas di belahan lain Asia,” ucap Naruhiko. “Kemudian tahun ini kami menghadiri LibreOffice Conference dan acara di Asia lainnya seperti openSUSE Asia, COSUP, dan lain sebagainya. Kami menyadari bahwa banyak rekan-rekan kami yang aktif dan bahwa komunitas kami harus belajar banyak dari mereka. Kami bangga dapat mengadakan Konferensi Asia yang pertama dengan rekan-rekan kami untuk lebih memperkuat kemitraan tersebut.

“Ini lompatan takdir yang nyata,” ucap Franklin Weng, salah seorang anggota dari Asia di Dewan Direksi The Document Foundation. “Asia adalah daerah yang perkembangannya sangat pesat dalam mengadopsi ODF dan LibreOffice, tetapi ekosistem kami untuk LibreOffice dan FOSS belum cukup baik. Dalam konferensi ini kami tidak hanya mencoba membuat ekosistem FOSS di Asia lebih baik, tetapi juga untuk mendorong anggota komunitas Asia menunjukkan potensi mereka.”

Beberapa anggota inti dari The Document Foundation akan menghadiri konferensi ini, termasuk Italo Vignoli, pimpinan tim pemasaran dan hubungan masyarakat dan wakil ketua Komite Sertifikasi LibreOffice, dan Lothar Becker, juga wakil ketua Komite Sertifikasi. Selain itu, akan ada anggota komunitas dari Indonesia, Korea Selatan, Taiwan, Jepang dan mungkin China yang hadir.

Poin dari konferensi ini meliputi:

  • Workshop bisnis – yang akan dipandu oleh Lothar Becker dan Italo Vignoli, ketua dan wakil ketua Komite Sertifikasi LibreOffice dari The Document Foundation. Lothar dan Italo akan membahas tentang layanan bisnis – apa yang mendasar dari layanan bisnis LibreOffice, status bisnis LibreOffice saat ini di Eropa, Asia dan wilayah geografis lainnya, dan bagaimana kita dapat saling mendukung, dan lain sebagainya.

  • CJK Hackfest – yang akan dipimpin oleh Mark Hung, seorang Pengembang LibreOffice Tersertifikasi di Taiwan, untuk membahas dan meretas masalah CJK di LibreOffice.

  • Wawancara Sertifikasi – Wawancara Sertifikasi LibreOffice kedua di Asia akan diadakan selama LibreOffice Asia Conference, yang dipandu oleh Italo Vignoli dan Lothar Becker, ketua dan wakil ketua Komite Sertifikasi LibreOffice saat ini. Sejauh ini total 4 atau 5 kandidat akan diwawancarai untuk Profesional Migrasi Bersertifikat LibreOffice dan Pelatih Bersertifikat LibreOffice.

  • Sertifikasi Lokal Asia untuk LibreOffice – yang akan dipandu oleh Franklin Weng dan Eric Sun, dua anggota TDF dari Taiwan, yang akan memperkenalkan ide-ide agar memiliki keterampilan LibreOffice dan sertifikasi pelatih di Asia.

Call for proposal akan segera diluncurkan pada bulan Februari. Selain topik di atas, topik terkait LibreOffice dan ODF lainnya juga diterima.