GPD Pocket with openSUSE Tumbleweed

I’ve been curious and interested with GPD Pocket since last year, when first time it announced (

I bought this tiny machine 3 weeks ago on aliexpress. Shipping take only a day, but custom clearance takes almost two weeks.

First impression about this laptop was cute and good built quality.


Installing It with Linux

This machine preinstalled with Windows 10, I think it’s original but who cares. I need running linux on it.

I try Leap 15 for first time. Screen rotated -1 and wifi not working. Then I tried Ubuntu 18.04 and similar thing happen. I use iso from gpd site, Ubuntu 16.04 that already customized for GPD Pocket but not working (stuck at boot).

Ubuntu 16.04

I read some documentation at to rebuild Ubuntu 18.04 iso, but not working enough. So I use another methode, installing it then use to reconfigure all. It’s working. But I’m not satisfied in it. I wanna Tumbleweed on this machine.

I download openSUSE-Tumbleweed-DVD-x86_64-Snapshot20180520-Media.iso and dd-ing it to usb flashdisk then install. Of course when installing process, my screen was rotated -1. I choose GNOME Desktop. But after reboot, GNOME works fine except:

  1. wifi not working
  2. no battery applet, and system not recognize battery


Kukuh Syafaat, President of openSUSE-ID told me that Richard Brown (@sysrich) use GPD Pocket. So I ask Richard on twitter and he gave me clue in

I use few lines from laptop.sls and it’s working well. I translated that salt script into plain bash script at

After reboot, Tumbleweed still not detecting the battery.

Use Another Kernel

I remember that Leap 15 can recognize the battery. So I download the kernel and installing it. Yes it’s work, but there’s new problem, when in charging mode, battery applet seems not know if that time is in charging mode.

So I decide to compile kernel by my self. Got the source from and the result was cool. It’s works.

Let’s Work


  • I write this post using GPD Pocket
  • I will write kernel compilation in another post
  • Plymouth still rotated -1

2 thoughts on “GPD Pocket with openSUSE Tumbleweed

  1. Hi,
    How many of these changes can be integrated into standard Suse/kernel? Can they all be pushed? With Thumbleweed there are still many things that don’t work (fan is always full-speed, touch screen may be rotated with respect to screen, no bluetooth), and maybe the Ubuntu work can be completely reused into upstream.

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