Attending GNOME Hackfest 2018

This Hackfest are focused on GNOME Recipes and venues in AMIKOM university in Yogyakarta.

In last year,  I know there will be GNOME Hackfest in Yogyakarta and possibly in March. And I thought it wil be at end of March until Nuritzi tell in Endless Ambassador Telegram Group that it will be start from February 28th until March 2nd. I know this on February 25th. So I ask Kukuh Syafaat to go together and help since he also GNOME Foundation Members.

Actually at February 27th, there’s an outreach event at the local university. But I can’t manage to go because I arrived at Yogyakarta at 17:00 and it already finished. But I have dinner with few GNOME Developer (but no Mattias and Emel) for that day.

#1st Day

This is my first time joining GNOME Hackfest and I don’t know about Recipes at all. So I just learning for this day.

There’s two application, GNOME Recipes and Endless Recipes. We (actually I just silent becase I became student this time 🙂 define our goals in this hackfest.

Then continue with demo of GNOME Recipes and Endless Recipes. And this time I understand how both work. It’s make me interesting to learn about creating basic GNOME applications.

When Phillip gave demonstration, I was amazed by few tools from Endless, there’s Ingester who can collect data and download it to locals then preview it with Hatch Preview.

And from this first day, I understand how different about data between those two applications.

Apps Demo - Endless Demo
Apps Demo – Endless Demo

For first day dinner, I meet Endless CEO (Matt Dalio) for first time and we have dinner with all developer in Taj (India) Restaurant. Endless paid all food. Thank’s Endless.

Indian Restaurant

Note for first day can be read in

#2nd Day

This day starting by Emanuelle explaining about constraints-based layout which is also first time for me to know it. There’s Autolayout.js and Emeus to help manage the layout.

Emanualle explain about constrain-based layout

In this day we have some question that Rama and Emel need to ask to “real life” students. Rama became coordinator for collection recipes from Indonesia’s side. It’s decided on first day.

After lunch Martin got the recipes data and started converting it into a shard. Matthias debugged some issues that showed up during demoing of recipes earlier. Me, personally I’m learning about building Recipes from source and understanding ingester.

After hackfest, I meet with Renato from Endless. Actually we already meet at first time dinner but he thinking that me and Kukuh are GNOMErs, not Endless Ambassador. We discuss about marketing stuff and strategy and also he told me that Endless will have office in Bali.

Dinner for this day, I help them to choose. You can guess where is it? The owner come to us and ask take picture with us.

Guess where is it?
Guess where is it?

Endless also take care this dinner. Thank’s Endless (again).

You can read official notes from 2nd day in

#3rd Day

This last day seems like demo/conclution day. Like yesterday discussion that Endless Recipes will use GNOME Recipes’s data, Martin demoed his recipes shard in several endless templates, and it basically worked. The shard was hacked to make the recipes data show up in the endless data model. For a proper conversion, we need a data model that is appropriate for recipes and chefs.

Cosimo showed a karaoke app that he found on github, working as flatpak. It make this day little bit more fun.

Then Philip took Martin’s shard and plugged it into his recipe app lookalike and more beautiful.

Matthias showed the Halal category that he added to GNOME recipes. Yes as a moslem, this is very important and I would like to say thank you to all GNOME and Endless Developer for concerning about this.

Siska brought recipes and seasoning for foreigner and make the day more noisy. Different from two days before. Hahaha. There also Kiki (from Mozilla) in this day.

Busy 🙂

Last day dinner was also paid by Endless.



  • Collecting recipes and translating to it
  • Translating and understanding Ingester how to that wrote by Phillip

Thanks to Matthias, Cossimo, Jonathan, Emel, Philip, Martin, Emanuelle, Umang and Ekta. Well, see you all soon guys.

Thanks to GNOME Foundation and Endless.

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