Starting EndlessOS

Did you know about EndlessOS? you can read here.

Since end of October, I’m joining Endless Ambassadors Programme. And on November 3rd until November 5th, we have reatreat in Jogjakarta with others Ambassador and Endless employee.

Today, I’m decide to use EndlessOS as my daily OS. I wanna try it, if it’s can fit with me or not. Before using EndlessOS, I’m using Ubuntu and Debian. Personally, since it’s using Linux, I have no struggle on it.

But EndlessOS is different. I according to my first impression before (I install it on another computer), it’s good for new comers but not for advance users.

Right now I’m using EndlessOS 3.3 on my X1 Carbon that using Intel Core i7 5600U and single boot. I’m downloading from Buaya. Yes that’s local repository. It’s because more faster than from the original download source.

First Impression


Yes it’s fast, from boot until going to desktop. Even faster than BlankOn.


I love the wallpaper.

EndlessOS Desktop
EndlessOS Desktop

Just Work

My laptop just work on it. Everything seems ok even I have some notes and I will put on last section of this post.

App Center

After installing, I need to make sure that my needs are ready in App Center, so I just randomly look at that.

App Center #1
App Center #1

There’s local encyclopedia, so you don’t need to connect internet everytime.

App Center #2 – Encyclopedia

And there’s also Android Studio.

App Center #3 - Android Studio
App Center #3 – Android Studio

I install some of them according to my needs. They’re success installed on my system. One or two seem has problem when downloading the package. I was wondering that’s because internet connection not good. As far I know, that’s need international connection and mostly, this country connection not good at that.

Audacity – My lovely application

There’s some “weird” in App Center. It’s has two GIMP. Probably it can make new comers feel confuse at first time. They need to choose which one is the “real” one.


Steinberg UR242

Steinberg UR242
Steinberg UR242

My external soundcard is working here (even I just only playing music from youtube). I have Steinberg UR242. And it’s smoothly can play song from youtube.

Let's Rock
Let’s Rock

What is missing?

TuxGuitar – Yeah! there’s no tuxguitar in App Center right now. This is my “must have apps all the time”.

Ardour – this is also in my list of apps.

Thunderbird – I can’t find it in App Center. My office use it and I already has backup from previous installation.

VirtualBox – No virtualbox. 🙂

Touchpad – My touchpad always stopped to able to scroll after suspending system (or close the screen). It’s happen in Ubuntu 17.10, and can be solved by installing xserver-xorg-input-synaptics.

Telegram Desktop – It’s not working for me. It’s always force close when I input phone number.


I found some translation that not fit (yes of course I can help to make better translations).

Use “Siap digunakan” insted of “Siap Pergi”


It’s better use “Ini mungkin memakan waktu” instead of “Ini mungkin makan waktu”


10 thoughts on “Starting EndlessOS

    1. saya kepikir beli laptop windows. hehehe
      wiki offlinenya bagus. cocok buat anak-anak sekolah yang tidak punya koneksi internet.

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