OpenSUSE Asia Summit 2016

Well, OpenSUSE ASia Summit 2016 is biggest opensource event in Indonesia this year. Last year was GNOME Asia Summit 2015.
This year I promised to Edwin that I will help to find sponsorship. It’s because when GNOME Asia, he also help me. So vice versa.
I travel along with my team mates and GLIB (GNU/Linux Bogor) Community. Most of us are speakers in this event.


I know lot of GNOME Developers or GNOME Foundation Members. But this time, I know more about openSUSE/SUSE Developers and Community Members. I treat some of them Sate Klatak. 😀
I have session at secon day. But at first day, accidently I helping local committee to answer few questions  from audience.
Actually I’m little bit famous in FOSS Community in this country. Hahaha. It’s just because I’m Release Manager of BlankOn Linux since few years ago and I also GNOME Foundation Member. Then in openSUSE, I become Coordinator of Indonesia Translation Team.


You can see how crowd my session from picture below:


We also has one day tour. You can see all pictures from flickr:

And about my slide, you can get it from: