I wanna be rocker again !!!

I dunno know what happen to me,  I just wanna rockin again like years before. I just start listening rock music again, picking guitar at office and planning to buy electric guitar set.

I wanna buy Fender YJM serries first, then Zoom GTX 8 and some BackSound. Second choose is Ibanez PGM serries or Ibanez JEM 7 string.

I must go Surabaya first to buy it, because I know the cheaper store. Hehehe.

Gitar Pinjeman
Gitar Pinjeman

6 thoughts on “I wanna be rocker again !!!

  1. Gitar Pinjeman atau orang yang nggandaib gitarnya ke kamu. ^_^

    Salut dengan kembalinya kamu ke dunia musik, so ngga cuma otak kanan yang bekerja, tp juga otak kiri….

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