Sabayon Linux on Iedul Fitri

Sabayon Linux or SabayonLinux, (formerly known as RR4 Linux/RR64 Linux), is a Gentoo-based operating system created by Fabio Erculiani, and produced in Trentino, Italy. In April 2008 the NLnet Foundation announced it will offer funding to SabayonLinux. On June 12, 2008, SabayonLinux announced that it partnered with NetCraft Communications.

At this time, I wanna learn about Linux From Scratch again, focused on Gentoo. But I feel so hard. So, I try with Sabayon first and learning to modify and recompiling again.

Actually, I just wanna relaxing with all problem that make my mind and heard suck. Relaxing with something interest and not wasting time with something nonse. I wanna different and better. I hope so.

I’m starting to compiling the genKernel first. Choose the hardware first and compile. Now, still in process and test.

This my desktop face.

sabayon 3d desktop
sabayon 3d desktop

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