Sabayon Linux on Iedul Fitri

Sabayon Linux or SabayonLinux, (formerly known as RR4 Linux/RR64 Linux), is a Gentoo-based operating system created by Fabio Erculiani, and produced in Trentino, Italy. In April 2008 the NLnet Foundation announced it will offer funding to SabayonLinux. On June 12, 2008, SabayonLinux announced that it partnered with NetCraft Communications.

At this time, I wanna learn about Linux From Scratch again, focused on Gentoo. But I feel so hard. So, I try with Sabayon first and learning to modify and recompiling again.

Actually, I just wanna relaxing with all problem that make my mind and heard suck. Relaxing with something interest and not wasting time with something nonse. I wanna different and better. I hope so.

I’m starting to compiling the genKernel first. Choose the hardware first and compile. Now, still in process and test.

This my desktop face.

sabayon 3d desktop
sabayon 3d desktop

@ Iedul Fitri

This is my first time to celebrate Iedul Fitri in another island. I celebrated Iedul Fitri in Banda Aceh. It’s so different between Java, especially Gresik, my home city.

But, I don’t wanna talk about that. I just wanna share some music lyric. Here this.

Spirit Caries On – Dream Theater

Where did we come from? Why are we here?
Where do we go when we die?
What lies beyond? What lay before?

Is anything certain in life?
They say life is too short the here and the now,
and you’re only given one shot.
But could there be more? Have I lived before?
Or could this be all that we’ve got?

If I die tomorrow, I’d be all right because I believe
that after we’re gone, the spirit carries on

I used to be frightened of dying.
I used to think death was the end.
But that was before, I’m not scared anymore.
I know that my soul will transcend.

I may never find all the answers,
I may never understand why.
I may never prove what I know to be true,
but I know that I still have to try.

If I died tomorrow I’d be all right because I believe
That after we’re gone, the spirit carries on

Move on, be brave! Don’t weep at my grave!
Because I’m no longer here.
But please never let your memory of me disappear.

Safe in the light that surrounds me.
Free of the fear and the pain.
The question in mind has helped me to find
the meaning in my life again.
Victoria’s real! I finally feel
at peace with the girl in my dreams.

And now that I’m here, it’s perfectly clear
I’ll find out what all of this means.

If I died tomorrow I’d be all right because I believe
that after we’re gone, the spirit carries on

music of life
music of life