Boring !!!

This Ramadlan, I gotta bad mood. Many problems comes to me and the situation is different. This is my first time Ramadlan in Banda Aceh. It’s very different between my home city. Especially about the food. ^___^

Luckily, I have some nice part time job that help me to fix my mood. I’m graphic designer in some computer store. I try to draw many things that can interest people.

This is Selebration Card for Muslim. In Indonesia we call Kartu Lebaran. (I got inspiration from

kartu lebaran
kartu lebaran

The second also Kartu Lebaran but I gotta inspiration from inkscape pictures. For the refference, all this created using inkscape because I try not to touch CorelDraw. hihihi.

kartu lebaran 2
kartu lebaran 2

If you wanna the source of picture, send me email and I will send it to you.

22 thoughts on “Boring !!!

  1. what makes you boring ris ? 😉

    you can make the situation bad, good or fantastic it depends on you. it is your choice.

    come on. cheers up pal!

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