Zen V Plus, Live Style with Ubuntu

MP3 player today is part of live style. Many youngest using it to hear music. For me, some times using to learning about the solo guitar of Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and more.

At the first time I connect it to my ubuntu machine, Creative Zen V Plus cannot detect as USB Flashdrive like the other player (execpt Ipod).

So I ask on google and have summary to install some package for getting connected, transfer music and create playlist. The package are libmtp7 and gnomad2.

just do :

$ sudo aptitude install libmtp7 gnomad2

After that, you plug the Zen V Plus and open Application-Sound & Video-Gnomad 2. Or press ALT+F2 and type gnomad2.

Try to us it. OK.

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