Change The Splash

The BlankOn 4 code name Meuligoe still in progress. But some artwork has been released. Some of them are splash.

There’s Gimp splash and splash. How we change the default splash in our Gimp and ?

First, we change the Gimp splash. Try this step.

1. Open this picture and save as to your PC.

2. Replace the default picture at /usr/share/gimp/2.0/images/

3. Open the Gimp and see the new splash

Second, splash

1. Open and download this picture and rename it to “openintro_ubuntu_sun.bmp”

2. And also open and downlod this and rename it to “openabout_ubuntu_sun.bmp”

3. Replace the default splash at /usr/lib/openoffice/program/

4. Try open and see the new splash.

I have create the simple way. Do this :

1. If you wanna change instantly, download this file : gimp-ooo-splash.tar.gz

2. Extract the file and enter the folder. Example : /home/princeofgiri/gimp-ooo-splash/

3. Open terminal and type this command :

$ sudo sh ./

4. Open the Gimp and

3 thoughts on “Change The Splash

  1. Waduh mas Haris, nyolong start pada hal aku mau bikin postingan kayak gini juga loh,,,
    aku buatkan yg pake Bahasa aja yak???

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