Zen V Plus, Live Style with Ubuntu

MP3 player today is part of live style. Many youngest using it to hear music. For me, some times using to learning about the solo guitar of Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and more.

At the first time I connect it to my ubuntu machine, Creative Zen V Plus cannot detect as USB Flashdrive like the other player (execpt Ipod).

So I ask on google and have summary to install some package for getting connected, transfer music and create playlist. The package are libmtp7 and gnomad2.

just do :

$ sudo aptitude install libmtp7 gnomad2

After that, you plug the Zen V Plus and open Application-Sound & Video-Gnomad 2. Or press ALT+F2 and type gnomad2.

Try to us it. OK.


August 29th is my wife birthday. It’s also my sister birthday and Michael Jackson birthday. I just wanna say happy birthday to my lovely wife and my sister. Not to Jacko. 🙂

Actually I cannot give my wife some cool stuff. I’m sorry for that and sorry for all my mistake.

Change The Splash

The BlankOn 4 code name Meuligoe still in progress. But some artwork has been released. Some of them are splash.

There’s Gimp splash and OpenOffice.org splash. How we change the default splash in our Gimp and OpenOffice.org ?

First, we change the Gimp splash. Try this step.

1. Open this picture and save as to your PC.

2. Replace the default picture at /usr/share/gimp/2.0/images/

3. Open the Gimp and see the new splash

Second, OpenOffice.org splash

1. Open and download this picture and rename it to “openintro_ubuntu_sun.bmp”

2. And also open and downlod this and rename it to “openabout_ubuntu_sun.bmp”

3. Replace the default OpenOffice.org splash at /usr/lib/openoffice/program/

4. Try open OpenOffice.org and see the new splash.

I have create the simple way. Do this :

1. If you wanna change instantly, download this file : gimp-ooo-splash.tar.gz

2. Extract the file and enter the folder. Example : /home/princeofgiri/gimp-ooo-splash/

3. Open terminal and type this command :

$ sudo sh ./splash.sh

4. Open the Gimp and OpenOffice.org

Internet Cafe

The first project to support the Open Source and Ubuntu Help Desk Center is making Internet Cafe. With this, I can get internet connection, answering some question from Ubuntu users near here, and do some of my home work to be an Art Work Team at BlankOn Linux.

Beside that, I can get profit, get some part time job to be flayer designer, and also web maintener. The importan thing is I can help the user using linux or Ubuntu with my knowledge and get many tutorials from the internet.

You can see the description at http://opotumon.com/

warnet opotumon
warnet opotumon